Sofia Balters


Modern and postmodern towers are exercises in compromise—compromised spaces, compromised programs, compromised connections and sequence—all in order to present to street and site model, a single form. The inefficient extruded tower is a platonic shell with interiors battling for spatial integrity. This act of pitting program against each other results in two current building types: 1) a Tetris game with each element bargaining towards mediocrity, making gains only in exchange for losses; and 2) a building with one ideal space at the expense of the rest. The new tower is primarily conscientious of its program-specific needs. Its exterior addresses the multiple programs without compromising its interiors. It is unashamed of hips and noses, natural protrusions for a healthy form.

About The Designer

Sofia Balters is a 2017 M.Arch I candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.