Douglas Harsevoort

Say Swiss Cheese

The project forms a duality between interior circulation and the exterior wrapper. The volume of the interior consists of a continuous trifoil ramp that weaves back and forth to create a separation from the large public courtyards and the perimeter program. This central staircase informs the way in which one circulates the ramps of the building and allows for easy central access to any of the spaces. The perimeter of the building is a perfect square that reacts through carving exterior terraces out of the trifoil circulation of the interior. This exterior space is one that speaks to the interior logic while concealing the entirely different language of the interior space. In this way, the building works to express its structural and organizational logic in a way that is counter to what actually exists on the interior. It is a project that is about projection and manipulation of form in order to allow the occupants to have a dynamic experience in a relatively subdued building. The challenge of this building was to maintain a constant perimeter distance along any plan of the building, such that all plans have the exact same perimeter length. This challenge was revealed when manipulating sections while maintaining a specified perimeter dimension.

About The Designer

Douglas Harsevoort is a candidate in the M.Arch I program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.