Qiyi Li

Gaining Ground: Reclaiming Military Ground As A Walkable Public Transect

Impending coastal land loss serves as the impetus for creating an inland transect; an 8-mile walkable trail. Using the Joint Base Cape Cod as a catalyst and plant material as an agent, this project proposes a new public space that traverses sociopolitical and ecological transitions on the Cape. Building from an analysis of micro-scale processes and macro-scale effects, we propose initiating our project by planting vines that move horizontally and vertically that over the course of twenty years will breach the boundary of the military base. The resulting void is designed to provide new visual and physical corridors that connect two coastlines, offering a rare, continuous experience of lowland to highland and back again. As coasts disappear with sea level rise, this project provides a strong argument for turning to our diverse, thriving, messy interiors to experience the complex ground we gain.

About The Designer

Qiyi Li is currently pursuing an M.L.A. post-professional degree at the Harvard GSD. Qiyi graduated magna cum laude with a landscape architecture degree, with a secondary major in environmental studies from Iowa State University. Qiyi is especially interested in addressing environmental issues that transcend national boundaries, to practice landscape architecture as a means to mitigate urban issues, and to raise environmental awareness through the use of public art. Qiyi has received a number of awards from ASLA Iowa Chapter, including ASLA President's Medal for Leadership and Academic Excellence, ASLA Undergraduate Honor Award, and ASLA Merit Award in Design Unbuilt category. Qiyi is also the recipient of national LAF 2014 University Olmsted Scholar, Live Green Award for Excellence in Sustainability, and Merkle, Arthur R. & Clare M. Endowment for Excellence in Landscape Architecture.