OFICINAA (Silvia Benedito + Alexander Häusler)

Statue of Unity, Memorial for the German Re-unification

The Freedom and Unity Memorial project was released to commemorate the peaceful changes and the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The German reunification was made possible through the courage and persistence of East German individuals, who manifested in a time of social upheaval. Following this principle, the geographic outlines of the states comprising the Federal Republic of Germany are spatially extruded and stacked on top of each other. As such, the figure reminds of a tree, the symbol of growth, and rootedness. The abstract representation of a nation as unity—stacked with accessible floors—becomes visible and simultaneously reflects social, political, geographic, and historical processes. The border outlines are an inscription of the multiple European wars and the multitude of small states that existed in German history. Germany's borderlines witnessed its wars, including the 40-year-long Cold War and German separation, as well as the peacefully gained unity in 1989. The building reveals the former border between two German states by creating openings along the respective locations. The project was designed in collaboration with the sculptor Martin Wöhrl.

About The Designer

OFICINAA is an award-winning architecture and urbanism office that addresses design with a multidisciplinary approach. Our expertise in different fields of design allows the engagement of a wide range of tools in every project we embrace. Our projects are distinct on scale, program, and medium, including architecture to urban planning, domestic to civic, and installation to video.