Xuanyi Nie

Pastiche the Conflated Ideals

The project focuses on the urban reinvigoration of Gowanus, an urban area located in Brooklyn, NY. The project’s scope ranges from the architectural scale of the city, down to the more individualized scale of independent buildings. Pastiche, a design approach intended to cultivate an aesthetic of the incorporation of forms, is also an imitation of dead styles deprived of any satirical impulse.

The city is inherently a system of competing needs and desires. The desires for individuality and density as well as efficiency and variation merge into a single piece of mega structure to allow social cohesion and collective living. The pedestrian platform where the public can join and merge is elevated to allow for vehicular traffic underneath while the commercial podiums are superimposed on top of the pedestrian bridge to allow social cohesion. The residential and office towers are located on the top to limit public access.

About The Designer

Xuanyi Nie is currently pursuing his M.Arch at the Harvard GSD. He is interested in experimenting with formal logics when addressing architectural problems and to systematically bring them back to the pragmatics of buildings. He has also worked at various places, including KPF, New York City Department of City Planning, SO-IL, and Kengo Kuma.