Sean Chia

Monumental Entropy

Geometric primitives present latent thermodynamic behavior and in this investigation, the truncated pyramid is used as an apparatus for both heating and cooling.

When upright, it performs as an apparatus for cooling through the convection flows instigated by solar insolation. When inverted and driven into the ground, it becomes a vessel for capturing geothermal energy in the form of hot air through conduction and convection. Thus, with a single geometric device, the space below an upright truncated pyramid experiences cooling, while the space in the upper region of an inverted truncated pyramid experiences heating.

Through bi-axial, 180-degree rotations, a prescribed armature enables the toggling of the orientation of these pyramids. Consequently, the inversion between inside-outside space (and thus air) takes place. Ultimately, the result is the dispersal of hot spaces in the hot milieu and vice-versa in the cold.

About The Designer

Sean Chia is a student of architecture. He is from Singapore.