Yiliu Shen-Burke

Troubled Waters

Sixteen lines stretching into infinity find a unique moment of confluence here. Two parallel lines imply a plane, while four orthogonal planes imply a tube. Four tubes approach and part ways, each a connection between the open sky and the earth underneath.

Within the slipping folds and turbulence of their mutual passage, a space is hidden. Its presence is shielded from the senses by the overwhelming platonic clarity of the tubular volumes. Four tubes form four rooms, two of which sacrifice parts of themselves in their mutual collision. Mental arithmetic of this subtraction confounds as the visitor circulates from one extremity of the structure through the interior knot of the building to the opposite extremity.

If the visitor were to stumble upon the hidden room, she or he would find something that no other space in the structure offers—access to the surface of the earth, to the physical boundary between, above, and below.

About The Designer

Yiliu Shen-Burke is currently pursuing his M.Arch from the Harvard GSD, and holds a bachelor's degree in Economics-Statistics from Columbia University. Yiliu has professional experience with Barkow Leibinger Architects (Berlin), June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge Chermayeff (Berlin), and Morgan Stanley (Hong Kong).