Isabelle Verwaay

Neighborhood Olympic Conditioning Center

On January 8, 2015, the New York Times announced that the USOC had chosen the city of Boston as the US nomination for the 2024 Summer Olympics. In the spirit of the Boston Olympic bid, and in an effort to increase community support, the program of this project imagines the development of a hypothetical Neighborhood Olympic Conditioning Center (NOCC). As opposed to an official (and exclusive) Olympic Training Center, the NOCC serves as an ancillary conditioning ground for some events, as well as a recreation/exercise facility for the community. The challenge of the NOCC is to pack as much program into a small site (located in Charlestown, with a dramatic overlook facing the city of Boston) as well as serve the neighborhood and Olympic crowds. The spatial organization of the building is systematized through a wedge, which allows for structural support of a variety of spaces that require short and long spans (such as the handball court). This wedge creates dynamism in the building’s spaces as they are stretched and compressed through each floor, allowing for accommodations of big crowds as well as creating smaller, more intimate settings.

About The Designer

Belle Verwaay is an Alfred K. Priest Fellow and second year architecture student at the GSD. She received high honors for her undergraduate

studies at Dartmouth College (‘14) where she majored in Geography, Studio Art, and International Studies. Her undergraduate thesis focused on designing shared infrastructure for marginalized shantytowns in her hometown of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.