Emanuel Christ
Christoph Gantenbein

Dreispitz School of Art and Design

The new arts and design school building is the proud figurehead of Basel’s Dreispitz district. It is organised within three different buildings: teaching and research occupy the new front building, studios and workshop spread in the former bonded warehouse, and the mensa is provided in Hall 16. The front building’s higher volume, chamfered towards its ridge, keeps the width of the urban pattern characteristic of this area. However, its monumental cantilevering betrays its interest in formal gestures. The free-hanging corner is suspended from a framework incorporated into the building facade, and balanced by a similar feature at the diagonally opposite corner of the building.

About The Designer

Christ & Gantenbein was established by Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein in 1998. Together with their six associates Mona Farag, Julia Tobler, Tabea Lachenmann, Anna Flückiger, Michael Bertschmann, Victoria Easton, and a team of 35 architects, they work on a wide range of projects: from private assignments, renovation of historic buildings to housing, office buildings and bridges as well as big scale urban masterplans. One of their main focal points is museum architecture.