Brian Chu
Chris Esper
Conor Coghlan


Oasis is an environment designed to blur the boundaries between what is and what is not.

Using light and water as the means of enclosing space, the pavilion is divided into two unique spatial experiences. The solid square surrounding the oasis consists of thousands of hanging translucent tubes of light. Traditionally uninhabited form, this boundary between the oasis and the outside world allows visitors the unique opportunity to venture inside the solid and become part of the architectural form. As the visitors explore this dense jungle, they will find pockets of space containing the exhibition material for the pavilion finalists. The circular void in the center of the pavilion acts as a place of refuge and relaxation for the visitors

of the fair. Enclosed by a wall of water, this oasis filters out the noise and hectic activity of the nearby parking lot, and cools the air temperature inside the pavilion. Open only to the sky, here visitors can appreciate the value of the void—the importance of what is not.