Ali Karimi

Kadhem Residence

The Kadhem residence is a simple pavilion for a garden compound. The compound—an old palm tree garden—is one of the few of its kind remaining in the area. The project consists of a single inhabitable wall, which allows the resident to reside within the vertical space of the garden while surveying the compound. The facade aims to reduce the normative language of the wall from the mundane “window-door-portico” to one that reflects pure openings, whose orientation allows different functions as well as a distinguishing orientation. The building itself becomes a vertical facade—a wall, masquerading as a house, a guise that allows the inhabitant to experience the garden in its totality.

About The Designer

Ali Karimi is a Bahraini M.Arch student at the Harvard GSD. His interests are in social housing, public space, and infrastructural re-imaginings of the Gulf. Prior to joining the GSD, Ali worked in Dubai with HOK, in Chile with Elemental, and attained regional experience in public and private projects through his time in Bahrain with Gulf House Engineering. Ali completed his B.S. in Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology (2011) graduating with highest honors, with minors in Architectural History, History, and a certificate in Land Development.