David Pilz

Perimeter Plan

In this dormitory, three common rooms exist between four floors, acting as the primary generators of form by shifting an elongated double-loaded corridor of rooms into the width of one room. This shift occurs at the intersections of horizontal and vertical circulation, connecting the two strands of rooms diagonally. The common room thus becomes the circulation space, but its vertical offset allows it to keep its autonomy. This shift occurs sequentially from one side of the building to the other, creating shading on one side of the building and terraces on the other.

About The Designer

Prior to studying architecture at the Harvard GSD, David Pilz was the director of finance at Envelope Architecture+Design in Berkeley, California. He also has considerable experience in the nonprofit sector, and is currently serving as board treasurer of Here for Now, a nonprofit providing cultural programming associated with temporary urban interventions in San Francisco. David holds a B.A. in economics from UC San Diego.