META Pavilion

Situated at the edge of a forested hill in the center of Penco, Chile, the pavilion emerges as a monolithic bunker overlooking the coast, as it sits within the landscape. Appearing as a singular mass from the exterior, two identically curved volumes, hinged together at a single point, form the building. One volume is oriented towards the sky while the other faces the ocean. The entry to the main building occurs at the hinge point where the curve of the exterior courtyard walls, meets the curved walls of the interior gallery. The program consists of offices, storage rooms, and bathrooms, each existing in the negative space between the two main volumes and the exterior facade, uniting the building into a singular mass. The elliptical volumes of the courtyard and gallery thus remain untouched, maintaining a pure procession from the entry to the view.

About The Designer

Since its founding in 1998, Johnston Marklee's diverse portfolio has been unified by a singular conceptual approach to each project where the relationship between design and building technology are explored to create unique works of architecture. Principals Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee’s approach to projects, varying in scale from master plans to buildings and temporary installations, distills the inherent complexity of each project into coherent solutions. Johnston Marklee has a substantial architectural portfolio including residential, commercial, institutional, and exhibition environments with a particular focus on the arts. Sharon Johnston received her M.Arch I degree from the Harvard GSD in 1995. Mark Lee received his M.Arch II degree from the Harvard GSD in 1995.