Timothy Clark

Boston Edge

Boston Edge anticipates the development of South Boston's innovation district by proposing a waterfront park in the Fan Pier neighborhood. This project relies on lessons from the precedent study, “the Edge Condominiums in Brooklyn, NY,” to inform the direction of the design.

By looking at the site’s relationship to the Boston Harborwalk and by making deliberate shifts in its elevation and direction, a new relationship between the city and water is formed. People are brought deeper into the site, emphasizing the urban condition in addition to the waterfront.

The result is a project that creates three distinct zones—boat launch, harbor path, and urban plaza—as produced by a single shift in elevation. The project embeds itself within the developing neighborhood, creating a distinctly maritime identity for South Boston.

About The Designer

Timothy Clark recently finished his first year of the M.L.A. 1 program at the Harvard GSD. Introduced to design through naval architecture, he explores the marriage of quantitative performance and aesthetic experiences in landscape. With the belief that landscapes are not static images, he seeks to explore how this can change perceptions of cities, their relationship to adjacent ecologies, and the question of nature in the 21st century.