Douglas Harsevoort

Light Fields and Sport Wells

The aim of this project was to create an athletic community center that could not only be a temporary home for the Boston Olympics training facility, but also a permanent installation, in which the city could foster community connections through various activities. This flexibility had to become an inherent organizational tool in order to avoid rigid programmatic boundaries. Instead, large, elliptical, and semicircular light wells were used as a tool for both organization and navigation. As one moves through the building there is a consistent gradient of light that penetrates the rigid floor slab of the building, allowing for spaces to be defined as either courts for play or for the gathering of spectators and media. As time moves on, this building is seen to be flexible enough to change into an operational art gallery and studio, where local artists can both create and exhibit art and where stagnant athletic programs are transitioned into more movement-based activities like yoga or dance, all choreographed by the gradients of light.

About The Designer

Douglas Harsevoort is a candidate in the M.Arch I program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.