Emerald Wu

Perimeter Plan

The Perimeter Plan is about resolving the tension between the plan of rooms, the enveloping facade, and the interior circulation of a building. (Perimeter/facade constraints: The perimeter is 960 feet long, 54 feet tall and is composed of a regular pattern of windows spaced 6 feet on center. The length, height, and proportion of the overall facade and windows must be maintained. The facade surface will always be plumb. The windows can be moved vertically or deleted).

Observing the strict constraints of the facade, this project is driven by the action of folding. Through folds and cuts, the facade obtains volume; the wall splits to create a hallway, a double loaded corridor, and a lobby. The plan enclosed by the perimeter wall gradually diminishes until two facing facades collapse and only one single wall remains—a perimeter without a plan.

About The Designer

Emerald Wu is a current graduate student pursuing her M.Arch I degree at the Harvard GSD. She completed her undergraduate studies in architecture at UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design.