Ali Karimi
Dima Rachid

Sierra Leona Childrens' School Mosque

About The Designer

Ali Karimi is a Bahraini M.Arch student at the Harvard GSD. His interests are in social housing, public space, and infrastructural re-imaginings of the Gulf. Prior to joining the GSD, Ali worked in Dubai with HOK, in Chile with Elemental, and attained regional experience in public and private projects through his time in Bahrain with Gulf House Engineering. Ali completed his B.S. in Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology (2011) graduating with highest honors, with minors in Architectural History, History, and a certificate in Land Development.

Dima Rachid recently completed her Masters in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard GSD with distinction and received the American Society of Landscape Architects Award for Excellence. She pursued research at the intersection of landscape infrastructure and camp urbanism in the Middle East and North East Africa. Previously practicing and teaching in Beirut, Lebanon, Dima is interested in exploring the agency of landscape architecture in underdeveloped regions. Dima was recently awarded the Most Innovative Prize Submission for a sustainable and resilient Baltimore from the American Institute of Architects- Baltimore.