Seungho Park

High-rise High-density

The objective of this project is to find the right high-rise, high-density residential tower typology for the historic Boston downtown. Considering the historical fabric and the materiality of the site, the project takes a modest and poetic approach towards its surrounding context. First, the overall volume and geometry are carefully studied through continuous model-making processes. Then, materiality is configured through elaborate elevation drawings. The final urban volume sits within a long-narrow plot, exhibiting heaviness through its solid yet slightly transformed geometry and its pre-cast concrete frame and bronze-panel layered facade. Programmatically, the residential tower comprises approximately 100 high-density and comparatively luxurious mezzanine units. The volume and the facade, again, integrate these two different types of living into a singular urban residential typology.

About The Designer

Seungho Park received an M.Arch degree from the Harvard GSD (2015) and a B.Arch from Seoul National University (2013). Seungho is a researcher and designer at the Urban Risk Lab at MIT in Cambridge, MA.