Mary Catherine Miller

Boardwalk City

Boardwalk City is an exploration of surface. By introducing undulations to an otherwise flat and linear typology, the boardwalk engages much more than mere foot traffic adjacent to the beach. It folds itself into the sand to allow for seamless beach access while extending back into the city, incorporating both structural elements of architecture, as well as vegetation, water retention, benches, shade devices, food truck parking, and a variety of surface materials.

About The Designer

Mary Catherine Miller is an M.L.A. candidate at the Harvard GSD. A designer and maker, her current research stems from a grant awarded to her and Joseph Watson in the spring of 2015. The Penny White Project Fund helped to support their travels in the American West as they explored the interface between humans and wilderness. Wild interfaces is an ongoing joint project between the two. As an architectural designer, Mary practiced at RaM.L.A. Benaissa Architects in Philadelphia. She holds a B.Arch from the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design where she graduated magna cum laude. Some of her recent work at the GSD, alongside studio partners Cannon Ivers and Devin Dobrowolski will be featured in WLA’s magazine in June 2015.