Emanuel Christ
Christoph Gantenbein

Munch Museum and the Stenersen Museum Collections

A new museum for the Munch and Stenersen Collections is emerging at the river Akerselvas’s estuary. The existing urban situation is transformed into a new cultural forum on the docks and at the same time into an inviting open space. The opera, the museum and the park bring the city to the fjord, like three fingers reaching for the seaside. The new museum offers a

continuation of the promenade and – with its long volume, pillars arranged in a row and a shed roof – reminds of past harbour architecture. It is raised above the ground as if to let the water flow underneath it.

About The Designer

Christ & Gantenbein was established by Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein in 1998. Together with their six associates Mona Farag, Julia Tobler, Tabea Lachenmann, Anna Flückiger, Michael Bertschmann, Victoria Easton, and a team of 35 architects, they work on a wide range of projects: from private assignments, renovation of historic buildings to housing, office buildings and bridges as well as big scale urban masterplans. One of their main focal points is museum architecture.