OFICINAA (Silvia Benedito + Alexander Häusler)

Kindergarten LaLe Kita

The project is a daycare and preschool center for a small city in the south of Germany. It hosts six classrooms that accommodate 12 to 25 children, ranging from three to six-years old. The plan is organized around a set of opaque, fixed objects that provide structure and contain programs for permanent and/or private functions (such as bathrooms, administrative offices, and lockers). Numerous pieces of large furniture (tables, storage, and room dividers) enable flexibility in the space over time, as they can be moved depending on needs. The idea is to originate an inviting space to play and learn. A play-loop and a tricycle-loop intersect the fixed objects and work to organize the hours of play. Its extension offers a series of other programs such as gardens, hills, spaces to hide, jumping structures, slides, and water tables. This play-loop provides a continuous path, like a story that merges the learning spaces with the indoor/outdoor play. The syncopated organization of the rooms overlaps the organic and fluid space of play and circulation. Moveable partitions allow teachers to extend the teaching space from inside to outside, during warm days.

About The Designer

OFICINAA is an award-winning architecture and urbanism office that addresses design with a multidisciplinary approach. Our expertise in different fields of design allows the engagement of a wide range of tools in every project we embrace. Our projects are distinct on scale, program, and medium, including architecture to urban planning, domestic to civic, and installation to video.