Nate Buttel

Neighborhood Olympic Conditioning Cantilever (NOCC)

This fitness and sports training facility contrasts the surrounding neighborhood, existing as a monument and projecting toward the heart of the City of Boston. The elevated branches house athletic activities; their sprawling presence puts Olympic culture in the community spotlight while their privileged position grants privacy to the athletes. Constant reorientation of tightly packed interior spaces in the cantilevers gives birth to different worlds within the NOCC, which are linked at four vertical cores. The formal separation of the branches in tandem with their common envelope acts to blur the lines between interior and exterior. The distanced experience of being inside one branch, looking across to another, is similar to being on the street looking up at both. Cantilevers allow this separation to stem from a common center, while the entire building is cantilevered off of a hill in Charlestown, MA. *This is a process-massing model of the NOCC.

About The Designer

Nate Buttel is a current M.Arch I candidate at the Harvard GSD (2018). He received a B.S. in achitecture studies from Milwaukee.