Wendy Fok

Digital Novelty - Crystallised Geometrics I

Over 100 iterations and studies are produced by and also challenge the premise of digital production and analog tooling. Digital Novelty is a series of design-research projects that work at the intersection of platonic solids and the notion of basic geometric shapes. The project is assisted by 3D modeling software (Rhinoceros 3D), 3D printing technologies (additive manufacturing processes), and hand-drawn, “inked on vellum,” sketches.

Our research and development of Crystallized Geometrics reveals itself through a feedback system that carefully interrogates a simple method of production and design. The topic is most relevant when the discussion turns to production (i.e., rapid-prototyping) and encompasses a larger (and more public) commercial audience. This method also address the reduction of the labor force and production line in an attempt to enable a greater diversity and dissemination of digital and systematic design technologies to the individual.

Although the computational design community has in the past two decades concentrated on the “style” of the “form,” from “parametricism” to “algorithmic” design, current discussions have moved beyond form. Indeed, the discussion has surpassed the point where form is largely irrelevant. Alas, we have entered a new generation of self-organized designers, where logic and the possibility of developing with consequence has potentially become the new form.

The larger predicament within the new form of open-sourced computational design is the ability to control the traditional corporate supplier within the larger proliferation of grassroots developers. From the standpoint of commercialization and commoditization, even to the point of capitalization of resources, there is a serious impediment within the architectural and computational design community of open-sourced digital development.

About The Designer

The endeavors of Wendy W. Fok’s research-based projects are dedicated to the creation of designs interlaced within the principles of procedural-based mathematics, logics, and material studies, within the field of architecture, digital media, and design. Her designs are substantiated through explorations between the cross-pollination of spatial installation arts and novel architectural innovations embedded within international urban cityscapes. Fok, trained as an architect, is the creative director/founder of WE-DESIGNS, LLC (Architecture/Creative Strategy) and Resilient Modular Systems, PBC (Socially Missioned Venture). She is the winner of the Digital Kluge Fellowship awarded by the Library of Congress (2014/15), the Art Director’s Club of New York’s ADC Young Guns 11 Award (2013), AIA (American Institute of Architects) Dallas ‘Express Yourself’ Women in Architecture Award (2013), and selected designer of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (2009) and the Perspective 40 under 40 Award (2011). Fok has a master of architecture and certification of urban policy/planning from Princeton University, and a bachelor of arts in architecture with a concentration in economics (statistics) from Barnard College, Columbia University. Fok is completing her D.Des degree (expected 2016) at the Harvard GSD. In parallel with her doctoral research, Fok is involved as a Teaching Fellow for CopyrightX, under the guidance of Prof William ‘Terry’ Fisher of the Harvard Law School, and a pioneer in the DPSI ñ Digital Problem Solving Initiative (DPSI) at the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Her doctoral research is an investigative approach between computational innovation and ethical/equitable application of technical methods, including issues of intellectual property law, ownership and authorship property rights in digital fabrication and commoditization, for architecture and the built environment.