Yina Ng

Hidden Room

The hidden room becomes hidden only when its logic is revealed. It exists as a cognitive understanding of the building, which operates through highly selective sensual information allowed to the inhabitant as he/she moves from the exterior to the interior. Disguising itself as a giant monolithic block on the exterior, the building continues that expectation in the interior with a solidly enclosed circulation - in the poche of the facade in realization and beyond it in imagination. The fulfillment of the poche in the facade is a rhetoric juxtaposition of its eventual disappearance unawared.

Apertures continue “the poche in imagination” in the interior as they span across the emptiness of the Room, creating an imaginery thickness manipulated along the promenade. The inhabitant will circulate in a linear progression to the fifth room- the emptiness beyond the facade - only to re-discover the apertures as structural beams, suspending the four rooms in mid-air in the imaginery solid hollowed out. The Room comes into existence the moment it disappears.

About The Designer

Yina Ng is a 2016 M.Arch I candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Middlebury College.