Ya Gao

Neighborhood Olympic Conditioning Center

The sports center is situated in a tranquil, family-friendly, and residence-concentrated suburban neighborhood. The construction of the building is vertically oriented, supported largely by numerous pillars, with an open floor plan. One of the most distinct features of this design is the bulbous pot-structure, sporadically encased within the building, with trees planted inside. The presence of these plants has two major functions: 1) they occasionally hide the columns, which because of the verticality of the buildings are too numerous to be visually clean; and 2) these trees effectively provide a kind of frame for the different programs. For example, the tennis room is divided from the ping-pong room by the trees. The presence of nature also accords with the healthy vibe that the sports center wants to project.

About The Designer

Ya Gao received a B.A. in economics from the University of Chicago (2013).