Lane Raffaldini Rubin

Neighborhood Olympic Center

Sports are many things; at any given moment they are social, extroverted, noisy, quiet, and even meditative. This diverse condition presents a question: How can we design a place that accommodates these seemingly dissimilar states? The Neighborhood Olympic Center brings together high-level athletes who are training for elite competitions as well as recreational members and youth groups from the surrounding Charlestown community in Boston, MA. Perched on the edge of Bunker Hill, the Center enjoys an uninterrupted view of the Boston skyline and is situated along a public stair descending from the hill. This public path continues into the Center, where it continues to provide remarkable views. Its functionality serves as a partition between the interior sports programs, allowing for a range of meditative and social spaces.

About The Designer

Lane Raffaldini Rubin is a student of architecture and landscape architecture and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He is interested in cultural, urban, material, and environmental ecologies.