Tianze Tong

Perimeter Plan

This project negotiates a plan of rooms, envelops a facade, and addresses internal circulation, while using the tension between fundamental architectural concepts to implement three concepts:

1) To build single and double rooms with a total of 270 beds, including access to natural light in each room, and bathrooms on each level.

2) The unrolled facade must be 960 ft. long and 54 ft. tall, with a regular pattern of windows of one kind, spaced every 6 ft. horizontally and every 12 ft. vertically.

3) Circulation is based on one primary square staircase, which is 4 ft. wide with each run covering 4 ft. in height.

By taking advantage of the 4-foot height difference between the landings, the centralized square staircase succeeds in distributing pedestrian flow into either side’s four levels without increasing unnecessary building height.

About The Designer

Tianze Tong received his B.A. in architectural studies from UCLA.