Martha Schwartz
Martha Schwartz Partners

Beirut Waterfront Park

The land is destined to be a prime, multiuse district with extensive green areas and distinctive architecture. It is to be developed with mandated guidelines as a model project of sustainable urban development in the region.

The Corniche Promenade will form a continuous, terraced public promenade across the entire New Waterfront District, providing a citywide attraction.

The exploration of the land strata is at the heart of MSP’s thinking for this project and hence, the soil from which the park will be created will tell the story of Beirut. The design of this unique public space has been expressed in a way that allows the stratification of the earth to convey the history and the future of Beirut.

The spatial orientation of the new park also harnesses the topography, which creates a platform that rises above the sea providing a vantage point that overlooks the city and mountains of Beirut. The design also encompasses and enhances Beirut in a sustainable way that allows social interaction and spaces for people and the natural environment. For instance, ecological habitats are created in the urban plaza that encourages the creation of wildlife and bio-diverse environments.

About The Designer

Martha Schwartz Partners is a leading international practice whose work focuses on activating and regenerating urban sites and city centres. Situated at the intersection of landscape, art, and urbanism, Martha Schwartz Partners has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing installations, gardens, civic plazas, parks, institutional landscapes, corporate headquarters, master plans, and urban regeneration projects. MSP is also working with cities at a strategic level as they take a view to sustainability at a city or regional scale. MSP’s work demonstrates a deep commitment to the urban landscape and public realm as the platform for sustainable cities that are healthy across all aspects, sectors, and domains of urban life.